Solar barque Barca Solare di Cheope

The Solar ship of Khufu is an intact full-size vessel from ancient Egypt. It was built mostly of Lebanon cedar planking in the “shell-first” construction technique. The boat is around 44 m long and 6 m wide with five oars on each side and two more in the stern, with the function of rudders.

Representative boat Feluca Napoletana

It is an eighteenth-century boat that belonged to the noble Neapolitan family of the Mezzacapo di Monterosso which, donated to the Navy, was saved and brought to the Naval Museum of Venice in 1963. Due to its refined and elegant line, later decorated with gold friezes and sculptures, it was used as a representative and […]

120 gun ship Grand Duke Constantine

Velikiy Knyaz Konstantin, a 120-gun ship of the line of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, launched 1852, which participated in the Battle of Sinop.

Cutter Alert 1777

The Alert, one of fifteen cutters built for the Navy during the years 1777 and 1778, was built at Dover, one of the principal ports where vessels of this nature were constructed. The keel was laid in January 1777 and five months later, on the 24 June, the Alert was launched. It were generally deployed […]

Schooner C.A. Thayer

C.A. Thayer is a schooner built in 1895 near Eureka, North California. The schooner is now preserved at San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. It’s one of the last sailing schooners survived on the West Coast and it was used at that time for the lumber trade. The C.A. Thayer is 67 m long and […]

Battleship ST. Eustafiy Plakida

Evstafi (Russian: ????????) was the lead ship of her class of two pre-dreadnought battleship of the Imperial Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet. She was built before World War I and her completion was greatly delayed by changes made to reflect the lessons of the Russo-Japanese War of 1905.

Fishing boat Bois Rose

Fishing boat from the North Sea. “Bois Rose” 1876 (Rosewood 1876) is a fishing vessel for herring fishing in the northern seas built in the yards of the port of Fécamp by the carpenters Brument and Capon in 1876. The boat was already equipped at the time for processing and salting the fish on board. […]

Galley San Giovanni

Galley of the Knights of the Order of Malta from the Battle of Lepanto 1571. This is an ordinary galley belonging to the fleet of Captain General Pietro Giustiniani. 48 meters long, 8 meters wide, with a drought of 1.60 meters. The galley has 54 stalls with as many oars as 10. 50 meters long, […]

Schooner Hesper

Pilot Schooner Boston Harbor 1884. The pilot schooner Hesper was designed by Dennison J. Lawlor and built by Montgomery & Howard at Chelsea, Massachusetts in 1884. Lawlor had designed many pilot boats in his long career, but Hesper was his undisputed masterpiece, the greatest of all the Boston pilot boats, and one of the finest […]

Corvette Aurore

This corvette represents a rare example of a civilian vessel, whose original model has managed to reach our age. It was commissioned, on the initiative of marquees Courtanvaux, to fund a scientific expedition set to test a marine chronometer calibrated to measure longitude. A scale model of the vessel (build as a large 1:12 scale) […]