Battleship USS North Carolina

USS North Carolina (BB-55) is the lead ship of the North Carolina class of fast battleships, the first vessel of the type built for the United States Navy. Built under the Washington Treaty system, North Carolina’s design was limited in displacement and armament, though the United States used a clause in the Second London Naval Treaty to increase the main battery from the original armament of twelve 14-inch (356 mm) guns […]

Ironclad Warship U.S.S. Cairo

The USS Cairo was a steam-propelled ironclad warship. She had a wooden hull, 53 m long, 15.6 m wide, and 1.8m drought. Cairo was equipped with two steam engines connected to a 6.7 m diameter paddlewheel which guaranteed a maximum speed of 4 knots.

Battleship USS West Virginia

USS West Virginia (BB-48) was the fourth dreadnought battleship of the Colorado class, though because Washington was cancelled, she was the third and final member of the class to be completed. The Colorado class proved to be the culmination of the standard-type battleship series built for the United States Navy in the 1910s and 1920s, the ships were essentially repeats of the earlier Tennessee design, but with a significantly more powerful main battery of […]

Rocket Corvette Nakat

The Nanuchka class, Soviet designation Project 1234 Ovod, are series of corvettes (small missile ships in Soviet classification) built for the Soviet Navy and export customers between 1969 and 1991.

Warship SMS Viribus Unitis

The Tegetthoff ship class, also known as the “Viribus Unit”, built three models of ships in the city of Trieste for the purpose of sailing to the battlefields, and joined the navy of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in 1912. In the initial intention to be called Tegetthoff, it was renamed by order of Emperor Franz Joseph, […]

Destroyer Split

Split was a destroyer within the Yugoslav Navy, the construction of which lasted from 1939 to 1958. The reason for this was the Second World War, which found it unfinished on the slipways.