Galleass Galeazza Veneta

Venetian Galleasses (Galeazze) were military ships, whose build developed from large merchant galleys named “grosse”, and their purpose was to combine galley speed with the sea-worthiness and artillery of a galleon. The ship was equipped with a forecastle, aft castle, and two decks, one of which was used for rowers who guaranteed mixed propulsion alongside […]

Paddle Steamer Marieville

Paddle steamer Marieville a type of vessel that had paddle wheels usually located on either side of the ship or at the stern, a design that was widely extended for some time. In time, this type of vessel would give way to some of the most famous ships of all time, the river-wheeled steamboats, with […]

Exploratory ship Calypso

RV Calypso is a former British Royal Navy minesweeper converted into a research vessel for the oceanographic researcher Jacques Cousteau, equipped with a mobile laboratory for underwater field research. She was severely damaged in 1996 and was planned to undergo a complete refurbishment in 2009–2011. The ship is named after the Greek mythological figure Calypso.

Corvette L’Aurore

Aurore (along with the Duc du Maine), was a slave ship that brought the first African slaves to Louisiana on 6 June 1719, from Senegambia.