Patrol ship Bouvet (components)

Funnel – Rudder – Propeller – Capstan – Navigation lights – Compass -Porthole – Scupper plug Fife rail. The components listed above are part of the under construction model of a French patrol ship called Bouvet on a 1:48 scale. Overall length is 62 m, maximum width is 8.56 m and a floating height of […]

Ship of the line Vascello 74 cannoni

Seventy-four gun ship, the main war machine at the end of the XVII century, is, like all successful basements, a result of a balance between artillery strength and maneuvering quality, with the low battery with 28 to 36 pound guns, the 74-gun is the Line vessel par excellence, infinitely more usable in combat than the […]

Sailing ship L’Marante

L’Amarante was a corvette in the service of the French Navy from 1747 to 1760. The ship was built by shipbuilder Joseph – Louis Oliver in Brest, and the ship’s main armament consisted of 12 cannons. Two more ships of the same class were built, La Palme in 1744, and L’Anemone in 1747.