Destroyer Svirepy

Model of the Soviet destroyer “Ferocious” made on a scale of 1: 700 with meticulous attention to detail

Cruiser Aurora

The Russian cruiser “Aurora” was built in 1903 in Russia. The cruiser was part of the Baltic Fleet of Russia, participated in the First World War, the legendary ship of Russia.

Monitor River monitor

River monitors are military craft designed to patrol rivers. They are normally the largest of all riverine warships in river flotillas, and mount the heaviest weapons. The name originated from the US Navy’s USS Monitor, which made her first appearance in the American Civil War, and being distinguished by the use of revolving gun turrets.

Missile cruiser Grozny

Groznyy (Russian: Грозный, lit. ’Fearsome’) was the lead ship of the Soviet Navy Project 58 Groznyy-class guided missile cruisers (Ракетные крейсера проекта, RKR), also known as the Kynda class. Originally designated a destroyer, the vessel was reclassified as a cruiser on 29 September 1962.

Tehnic ship Topaz Amur

Topaz Amur’s primary activities are transport of pre-assembled modules (deck cargo) to be installed on the Tengiz oil field. With its shallow draft hull form and low air draft together with the specified propulsion configuration and low fuel consumption, the vessels will be well suited for heavy cargo operations in shallow waters and river systems.

Patrol ship Tarantul Class

The Stenka class is the NATO reporting name for a class of patrol boats built for the Soviet Navy and Soviet Allies. The Soviet designation was Project 205P Tarantul (not to be confused with the Tarantul-class corvette). The boats are an anti-submarine (ASW) patrol boat version of the Osa-class missile boat.