Battleship Henri IV

a pre-dreadnought battleship of the French Navy built to test some of the ideas of the prominent naval architect Louis-Émile Bertin.

Coastal battleship Skjold

The Danish Coastal defence ship Skjold was launched in 1896 and served in the Danish Navy 1897 – 1929

Battleship Navarin

“Navarin” – the first Russian battleship, which had the classic armament of four heavy (305-mm) main-caliber guns in two turrets in the bow and stern and a battery of medium-caliber (152 mm) cannons in the central part. She became the fourth battleship in the Baltic Fleet built according to the “Twenty Years Program” adopted in […]

Cruiser Aurora

The Russian cruiser “Aurora” was built in 1903 in Russia. The cruiser was part of the Baltic Fleet of Russia, participated in the First World War, the legendary ship of Russia.

Monitor Cerberus

HMVS Cerberus (Her Majesty’s Victorian Ship) is a breastwork monitor that served in the Victoria Naval Forces, the Commonwealth Naval Forces (CNF), and the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) between 1871 and 1924.

Tehnic ship Tidewater Enabler

Multi-Purpose Platform Supply Vessel for Inspection, Maintenance and Repair, Drilling Support and Installation, Light Subsea Construction, ROV Support, Flotel