Destroyer Sovremenny

Model of the Soviet destroyer “Sovremenny” project 956 on a scale of 1: 200 made from a paper kit

Cruiser Admiral Hipper

Model of the German cruiser “Admiral Hipper” during the Second World War is made from a paper kit. In addition, aircraft and the internal structure of one of the turrets of the main caliber were manufactured.

Destroyer Leone Pancaldo

Leone Pancaldo was one of twelve Navigatori-class destroyers built for the Regia Marina (Royal Italian Navy) between the late 1920s. Shortly after Italy’s entry into World War II in June 1940, she was sunk by British torpedo bomber in Augusta, but was later refloated and repaired. She was briefly used in fast troop transport missions to Tunisia until her second and final sinking by Allied aircraft in April 1943.

Battleship Borodino

Borodino (Russian: Бородино) was the lead ship of her class of five pre-dreadnought battleships built for the Imperial Russian Navy in the first decade of the twentieth century. Completed after the beginning of the Russo-Japanese War in 1904, Borodino was assigned to the Second Pacific Squadron that was sent to the Far East a few months […]

Heavy Nuclear Missile Cruiser Peter the Great

Pyotr Velikiy (Russian: Пётр Великий) is the fourth Kirov-class battlecruiser of the Russian Navy. It was initially named Yuri Andropov (Russian: Юрий Андропов) for Yuri Andropov, the former General Secretary of the Communist Party, but the ship’s name was changed after the fall of the Soviet Union. The Russian designation for the type is “heavy nuclear missile cruiser”, but Western defense commentators have resurrected the term “battlecruiser” to […]

Corvette Vinnitsa

Vinnytsia (U206) is an anti-submarine corvette of the Ukrainian Navy. Prior to joining the Ukrainian Navy she was a former KGB Border Guard patrol ship named Dnepr. In March 2014, she was seized by Russian soldiers and de facto came under control of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The ship was returned to the Ukrainian Navy from Crimea on 19 April 2014.

Schooner Berbice

HMS Berbice (1780) was an American schooner of 121 tons (bm) that the Royal Navy purchased in 1780 and condemned on 12 September 1788. This may have become the next Berbice (1793) which was of 10 guns and 121 tons (bm) and purchased in 1793. She was wrecked in November 1796 on the coast of […]

Battleship HMS Dreadnought

Model of the British battleship HMS Dreadnought at the time of 1907, a demonstration of a deployed net against a torpedo.