Seaplane tender HMS Campania

HMS Campania was a seaplane tender and aircraft carrier, converted from an elderly ocean liner by the Royal Navy early in the First World War. After her conversion was completed in mid-1915 the ship spent her time conducting trials and exercises with the Grand Fleet. These revealed the need for a longer flight deck to allow larger aircraft to take off, and she was modified accordingly.

Destroyer ORP Błyskawica

ORP Błyskawica (Lightning) is a Grom-class destroyer which served in the Polish Navy during World War II. It is the only Polish Navy ship to have been decorated with the Virtuti Militari, Poland’s highest military order for gallantry, and in 2012 was given the Pro Memoria Medal. Błyskawica is preserved as a museum ship in Gdynia and is the oldest preserved destroyer in the world. Błyskawica is moored next to the Dar Pomorza

Sailing ship HMS Revenge

HMS Revenge was the lead ship of five Revenge-class super-dreadnought battleships built for the Royal Navy during the First World War in the mid-1910s. The ships were developments of the Queen Elizabeth-class battleships, with reductions in size and speed to offset increases in armour protection whilst retaining the same main battery of eight 15-inch (381 […]

Battleship Imperator Nikolaj I

Imperator Nikolai I (Russian: Император Николай I: Emperor Nicholas I) was a Russian dreadnought built during World War I for service in the Black Sea. She was designed to counter multiple prospective Ottoman dreadnoughts which had been placed under order by the Ottoman government, since this raised the possibility that the Russian dreadnoughts being built for the Black Sea Fleet could be outclassed

Caravelle Pinta

La Pinta (Spanish for The Painted One, The Look, or The Spotted One) was the fastest of the three Spanish ships used by Christopher Columbus in his first transatlantic voyage in 1492. The New World was first sighted by Rodrigo de Triana aboard La Pinta on 12 October 1492. The owner of La Pinta was […]

Brigantine Stella Polare

Italian ship utilized for exploration of North Pole. Initially armed with a pole brig, it was 87.5 meters long and 9 meters high, with a draft from 5 to 5.5 meters, had a capacity of 600 tons and 60 HP nominal machine that could give the ship a speed of 6/7 miles. The ship was […]

School ship Amerigo Vespucci

The Italian school ship Amerigo Vespucci is a full-rigged three mast steel hull, 82.4 m long with an overall length of 101 m including the bowsprit and a maximum width of 15.5 m. She has a draught of about 7 m and a displacement of 4100 tons. Under auxiliary engine power, she reaches a top […]