Corvette L’Amarante

Author: Gianpiero Ricci
Class: C3 – D
Type: Corvette
Name: L’Amarante
Category: Senior
Scale: 1:30
Width: 250 mm
Height: 250 mm

The Amarante is one of a series of three corvettes designed by Joseph-Louis Olliver. Corvettes are fast, manageable vessels and carry the sail well. These qualities are ideal for transmitting orders and packages to squadrons, chasing privateers, or escorting convoys. In the fight, they repeat orders and keep their distance to help the dismantled vessels, prevent the ships from approaching and observe the enemies. Speed and maneuverability are their main qualities since the light artillery they had at their disposal was sparse and made them easy prey. This type of vessel has three masts and an important sail area, she carries twelve 8 pound guns. The model is made in carpentry using pear, ebony, and boxwood.