Galleon Revenge

Author: Dmitry Korkishko
Class: C5
Type: Galleon
Name: Revenge
Category: Senior
Scale: 1:400
Width: 22.5 mm
Height: 102.5 mm

Galleon “Revenge” was built in 1577 at the Royal Dockyard in Deppford by shipbuilder Matthew Baker, the construction of this vessel cost the British treasury 4000 pounds. “Revenge” was a small ship, had a displacement of 500 tons, armament 43 guns – The maximum length of the vessel without bowsprit is 45 meters. Compared to the Spanish and Portuguese galleons, he had excellent maneuverability and speed. In addition – the ship could go steeply to the wind – an additional advantage in cruising operations. The Rivenge can rightfully be called the first special-built raider ship.