Minesweeper HMS Ascot

Author: Elisabeta Popescu
Class: C8
Type: Minesweeper
Name: HMS Ascot
Category: Junior
Scale: 1:350
Width: 100 mm
Height: 160 mm

“HMS Ascot was a Racecourse-class minesweeper of the Royal Navy. The Racecourse-class comprised 32 paddlewheel coastal minesweeping sloops. She was the last ship to be sunk in the First World War on 10 November 1918, the day before the announcement of the armistice. She was torpedoed by UB-67 off the Farne Islands. She lies at a depth of 60 metres, at 55°37′9.24″N 001°29′8.60″WCoordinates: 55°37′9.24″N 001°29′8.60″W.”