Hydrofoil Pegasus

Author: Iasmina Caza
Class: C3 – A
Type: Hydrofoil
Name: Pegasus
Category: Junior
Scale: 1:200
Width: 40 mm
Height: 15 mm

The Pegasus-class hydrofoils were a series of fast attack patrol boats employed by the U.S. Navy. They were in service from 1977 until 1993. These hydrofoils carried the designation “PHM” for “Patrol, Hydrofoil, Missile.” The Pegasus-class vessels were originally intended for NATO operations in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Subsequently, participation by other NATO navies, including Germany and Italy, ceased and the U.S. Navy proceeded to procure six PHMs, which were highly successful in conducting coastal operations, such as narcotics interdiction and coastal patrol, in the Caribbean basin.