Patrol ship Bouvet (components)

Author: Pasquale Speranza
Class: C3 – D
Type: Patrol ship
Name: Bouvet (components)
Category: Senior
Scale: 1:48
Width: 190 mm
Height: 320 mm

Funnel – Rudder – Propeller – Capstan – Navigation lights – Compass -Porthole – Scupper plug Fife rail. The components listed above are part of the under construction model of a French patrol ship called Bouvet on a 1:48 scale. Overall length is 62 m, maximum width is 8.56 m and a floating height of 3.9 m. Its displacement is 787 tons, speed 12.7 knots from a 150 horsepower triple expansion steam engine using Mangin’s twin-blade propeller of 2.9 m diameter.