Schooner C.A. Thayer

Author: Massimo Splendore
Class: C1
Type: Schooner
Name: C.A. Thayer
Category: Senior
Scale: 1:78
Width: 110 mm
Height: 345 mm

C.A. Thayer is a schooner built in 1895 near Eureka, North California. The schooner is now preserved at San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. It’s one of the last sailing schooners survived on the West Coast and it was used at that time for the lumber trade. The C.A. Thayer is 67 m long and has a carrying capacity of 1,360 m3. She carried about half of her cargo below deck, and the remaining lumber was stacked on the deck up to 3.0 m high. It had a small crew of eight/nine men.