Schooner Hesper

Author: Pasquale Speranza
Class: C1
Type: Schooner
Name: Hesper
Category: Senior
Scale: 1:48
Width: 150 mm
Height: 700 mm

Pilot Schooner Boston Harbor 1884. The pilot schooner Hesper was designed by Dennison J. Lawlor and built by Montgomery & Howard at Chelsea, Massachusetts in 1884. Lawlor had designed many pilot boats in his long career, but Hesper was his undisputed masterpiece, the greatest of all the Boston pilot boats, and one of the finest examples of the two-masted fore-and-aft rig in all of sailing ship history. Its overall length was 43,2 m including the bowsprit and boom, maximum width of 7,00 m, max. draught 4,56 m and a main mast height: 29,30 m.