Ship of the line L’Ambitieux

Author: Luigi Balestrieri
Class: C1
Type: Ship of the line
Name: L’Ambitieux
Category: Senior
Scale: 1:96
Width: 320 mm
Height: 635 mm

L’Ambitieux represents a classic three-decker French vessel of Knight de Tourville. Her drawings have been developed by an original plan dated 1680 during the reign of Louis XIV and preserved at the Naval Museum in Paris. She was armed with 80 guns, comprising twenty-six 36-pounder guns on the lower deck, twenty-six 18-pounder guns on the middle deck, and twenty-four 8-pounder guns on the upper deck, with ten 6-pounder guns on the quarterdeck. She carried three masts and a bowsprit. Her length was 72 meters, width 14,4 meters, height 61 meters, and a draught of 6,24 meters.