Ship of the line Vascello 74 cannoni

Author: Tiziano Mainardi
Class: C3 – D
Type: Ship of the line
Name: Vascello 74 cannoni
Category: Senior
Scale: 1:56
Width: 450 mm
Height: 550 mm

Seventy-four gun ship, the main war machine at the end of the XVII century, is, like all successful basements, a result of a balance between artillery strength and maneuvering quality, with the low battery with 28 to 36 pound guns, the 74-gun is the Line vessel par excellence, infinitely more usable in combat than the largest and heaviest three-deck vessel. The hull rises seven meters above the water level, the master mast is 60 meters high, this type of vessel has had an excellent behavior at sea in all conditions, and, with a good breeze, would exceed 10 knots.