Aircraft Carrier USS Langley

Author: Andrzej Marchwicki
Class: C7
Type: Aircraft Carrier
Name: USS Langley
Category: Senior
Scale: 1:350
Width: 300 mm
Height: 300 mm

USS Langley (CV-1/AV-3) was the United States Navy’s first aircraft carrier, converted in 1920 from the collier USS Jupiter (Navy Fleet Collier No. 3), and also the US Navy’s first turbo-electric-powered ship. Langley was named after Samuel Pierpont Langley, an American aviation pioneer. Following another conversion to a seaplane tender, Langley fought in World War II. On 27 February 1942, while ferrying a cargo of USAAF P-40s to Java, she was attacked by nine twin-engine Japanese bombers of the Japanese 21st and 23rd Naval Air Flotillas and so badly damaged that she had to be scuttled by her escorts.