Galley San Giovanni

Author: Alberto Peterlini
Class: C1
Type: Galley
Name: San Giovanni
Category: Senior
Scale: 1:50
Width: 590 mm
Height: 710 mm

Galley of the Knights of the Order of Malta from the Battle of Lepanto 1571. This is an ordinary galley belonging to the fleet of Captain General Pietro Giustiniani. 48 meters long, 8 meters wide, with a drought of 1.60 meters. The galley has 54 stalls with as many oars as 10. 50 meters long, at each oar, there were 5 rowers for a total of 270 rowers. The armament at the bow is made up of a 25-pound courser cannon, two 10-pound moianas, and two 9-pound petriers. At the stern, there are period paintings and prints and gilded decorations. There is only one lifeboat that was towed and not hoisted on board.