School ship Nave Scuola Palinuro

Author: Giampiero Terzoni
Class: C3 – D
Type: School ship
Name: Nave Scuola Palinuro
Category: Senior
Scale: 1:50
Width: 530 mm
Height: 450 mm

A self-made model with surveys of a real ship. It has a single-deck nailed steel hull. Its length is 59 m (69 m overall), width 10 m, and a drought of 4.8 m. The mast consists of three steel masts plus bowsprit, foremast of 35 m, master of 34.5 m and a mizzen of 30 m. Its sail area is about 1000 m² divided into 15 sails, with square sails on the foresail and cutting sails on the remaining masts. It has a GMT A230.6 Diesel Engine with 603.84 HP.